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Schedule your mover. The more advance notice you give your mover, the better you can schedule your moving day. Get referrals, check reviews, and talk to the moving company

representative ahead of time. Above all, be honest about your volume. The more honest you are about representing your volume, the better the attitude of all involved. If you are more open about your items to be moved, the price of moving can be more predictable. If you have a 3 bedroom house don't expect it to be moved in 2 hours. There is always the unpredictable the weather and traffic.

First thing to think about when starting to move, do I really want to move this item?

Look at all your items. Consider their functionality at the new place.

Keep this in mind as you look around. Do this more than once.

Have a Garage sale, join in with others, give things away, or throw things away.

The more you prepare, the better your move will go.

Go thru your pantry and fridge to discard out of date items.

When you have decided on what will be at the new place, be it an apartment, house or storage, it's time to prepare. Remember that it will take two weeks 4-5 hours a day to go thru the functionalities of items and prepare per number of bedrooms. If you have 1 bedroom apartment it will take about two weeks to pack, including going thru things objectively. A two bedroom could take about a month. There will always be surprises, memories will happen. Things will take on the specter of symbols and will slow you down. Start packing the less frequently used items first, like books, video and/audio collection, good china, good stuff, rarely used stuff. Winter Clothes in summer and vice/versa. The heavier a category of items, the smaller the box/container.

Label each box. Label the boxes as you go and the contents what room they came out of. The more you do this, the easier your unpacking will be. Please label the boxes.

Get your box supply wisely. If you are going to be in storage for a while, consider plastic containers for paper records. That way if water or bugs become a problem, your important papers are ok. Get lots of tape and boxes from whatever source works for you. Your Mover, Lowes, Home Depot, Discount Box Store,  Grocery Store, or Liquor Store.

As your move date comes closer, pack those items that are more vital last. Be ready to camp at the old and new place about 1 week. Save your luggage for this function. Remember to pack your chargers and prescriptions where you can easily get to them. Also have plenty of fluids and snacks for the moving days. Consider having enough water for your movers too. Try and get some rest!!

Above all, take frequent breaks, breathe, try to smile.